What is Young Onset Parkinson's Disease (YOPD)?

Parkinson Disease is a progressive neurological disorder that has debilitating effects on a persons ability to control voluntary movement.

Symptoms include: Tremor, Slowness of movement, Stiffness of muscles, Loss of balance, Speech & memory difficulties, Freezing and Falling, Along with other symptoms.

Parkinson's usually affects people over the age of 60.However, people with Parkinson's being diagnosed prior to 60 is on the rise.

Young Onset Parkinson's (under 55) accounts for approximately 15% of all Parkinson's Disease cases.

People with YOPD and their families face many challenges unique to their age.

Many are still working or just getting a career underway.

Many have families with children under 18.

Most are still paying bills such as mortgages, child expenses, car payments, etc.

YOPD often forces patients & their families to face some very difficult decisions early in life, including long term health care, filing for disability, loss of career and income.

There is a need for support & education for people with YOPD and their families.