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PD Resource Network  

Movers & Shakers is constantly working to develop and improve our network of caregivers, medical providers, support organizations, and friends.

Patient and Policy Advocacy

Through our network of advocates, we are committed to ensuring and protecting the best medical care possible for those with Parkinson's Disease by working in cooperation with providers and facilities.

We support and actively participate in the events and efforts of the Parkinson's Action Network to work with medical providers, policymakers, and their staff. It is our goal to influence legislation that will properly fund research toward a cure and better care for the patient. 

How to Start A Local Support Group

Movers & Shakers provides assistance in starting a local Parkinsons support group in your area.

Conferences & Forums

Movers & Shakers is commited to the education of the Parkinsons community through innovative conferences and forums. These events, held in various parts of the country seek to bring together medical providers, caregivers, and those living with Parkinson Disease.


"One Voice" began as a simple idea that has grown into a grassroots letter writing campaign. Letters from the Parkinson's community are hand delivered to Legislators, expressing how PD has affected their quality of life, and their expectations for of our policymakers to address the critical needs of those with PD.